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Office of Trusts, Estates, and Gift Planning
Cornell University
130 E Seneca Street, Suite 400
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: 1-800-481-1865
Fax: 607-254-1204


The Cayuga Society

The Cayuga Society at Cornell was founded in 1993 to honor friends and alumni who have established planned gifts to the university or have provided for Cornell in their wills. There is no minimum gift level, and membership is lifetime, complimentary, and some 4,800 strong!

Since planned gifts are the ultimate expression of confidence in Cornell, it seemed fitting to name the Cayuga Society after the body of water that has become such an important part of the university’s history. Much like that glacier-formed lake, gifts given by members of the Cayuga Society will last for generations “far above Cayuga’s waters.” Such support is unique—while planned gifts often give something back to the giver, they also keep giving over decades and even centuries. It is only fitting that those who commit to such far-sighted support be recognized in a society named after an enduring natural wonder.



Honoring those who have established a planned gift for Cornell